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June 20, 2011
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He twirled the tool absently between his fingers, watching the way the light glinted off of the hungry metal, casting glares of illumination across the lenses of his glasses.  He'd been sitting there for at least fifteen minutes or so -- he hadn't kept the time -- but he wasn't quite sure why.  Was he just that bored, due to a lack of people coming around today?  Or had he just lost the motivation to even get up and head out to see what everyone else was doing?  As the thought struck him, he quickly dropped the scalpel onto the exam table that he had been perched beside, and sat back in the stool, turning his eyes up toward the ceiling.  " ... Verdammt. "  He pushed himself off of his seat, and grabbed his jacket off of the hook, then threw it around his shoulders, but didn't bother to slip it on properly.  He had already donned a rather heavy sweater for the weather, he didn't see much need for the jacket, too.

Stepping out of the office, he padded down the empty hall, gaze sweeping back and forth.  It was amazing how much larger this place felt when he knew he was the only one inside.  Even if no one was in the same area, it seemed cozier to know someone else was somewhere in the house.  He mentally counted each of the stairs as he descended.  Fifteen was the final number, as it was the day before.  And the day before that.  As it had always been.  Yet, today, it seemed as if there had been more.  Blue eyes shifted over his shoulder to make sure he hadn't somehow miscounted.  Of course not.  Fifteen.  He knew there was going to be.  It just wasn't something he wanted to acknowledge.  He sighed, and turned away from the stairs, but he found that he couldn't go anywhere.  Standing in front of him, rosy - cheeked and shivering, was Scout.

" Uh ...  Oh, hey, Em, " he greeted rather cheerfully despite himself.  He rubbed wet - gloved hands together -- so everyone's still playing in the snow, Emmerich thought -- and shifted back and forth on his feet, giving a grin that seemed out of place on someone who's nose was running like the dickens.  " Whatcha doin'?  You headin' out ta join everyone else now ... ? "

" ... Ach.  ... Nein. "  The doctor returned the smile with a lopsided one, pulling a tissue from his pocket, reaching over to wipe the blonde's face clean, causing the pink tinge of his cheeks to darken to a reddish color.  A laugh escaped him, and he pulled his hand back, balling up the tissue, dropping it in one of the pockets of his jacket.  He kept worse things in there, it wouldn't hurt anyone.  " I vas going to check on everyone, zhen make some cocoa. "  He paused, but cut in before Scout could say anything, " It is getting cold up in zhe office. "  Eyes fell from the other's, studying the floor as if it was interesting somehow.

Scout stamped his feet a bit, blowing into his hands, then gave a nod.  " Uh.  Yeah, it's pretty cold out there, huh? "  An uncertain laugh.  Getting changed into dry clothes after a hot bath sounded amazing.  But he felt rude, ditching the doctor before dismissing the conversation properly.  " I'd, uh, I'd make ya some myself, but, uhm -- "

" Nein, nein ... ! "  Emmerich set a hand against Scout's arm, paused, then retracted it.  Another false smile.  " I can take care of it, Mausi.  ... Vould, ah ...  Vould you like some, as vell ... ? "

The blonde searched the man's face, holding out for a long moment before he gave a nod.  Alright, so a bath wasn't going to be in those plans.  Shorten that to a quick shower just to shake out the numbness.  " Yeah ...  That'd be nice ...  Uh.  Thanks, Em ... "  He blew against his hands again, shifting his gaze from the man's eyes to his forehead.  His mom had taught him something when he was younger -- he'd been too shy to make eye contact with people, so she had told him to look at their forehead when they addressed him.  It wasn't really an easy thing to catch on to, and you look much more attentative than looking around the room.  " I'll catch ya in a few minutes, uhkay?  I'm freezin' my ass off over here, " he added as a second thought.  Might as well get on his way, and let the doctor be on his.

The tacked on sentence seemed to catch Emmerich off guard.  He flustered a bit, realizing that he'd been keeping Scout standing there in the stair well longer than he should have, with the way he was shivering.  He looked up, then turned his gaze upward awkwardly -- he wasn't one to blush easily, and the fact he was now was almost unsettling to him.  " Es tut mir leid, I vas not zhinking, I -- ... ... "  He trailed off, causing the look on Scouts's face to melt into something of concern.

" Uh ... ... ?  Hey, Doc ... ?  ... ... Emmerich -- ? "  He lifted his sights up after a moment, finally realizing what had put an end to the older man's words.  A mistle toe.  ... Right.  He forgot about that.  ... Why did they have to start celebrating these traditions so early in this house?  He felt the blood rise into his cheeks, dusting his face an even darker shade.  Was it even possible to be blushing darker right now?  He quickly looked down to Emmerich, barely managing to stutter, " Uhm, you don't -- ...  I know how yer feelin' about Mark, an' ...  Er, I mean ... ...  Sh - Shit. "  He turned his head away, one hand moving up to tug down his hat down hard, biting the inside of his lip.  " ... I mean, uh, you don't ...  haveta, or anythin' ...  It's pretty stupid, and -- "

A hand cupped his cheek, forcing his head back.  He hardly had time to register the flurry of things that followed: his hat had been pulled off, lips were pressed to his, and one of his hands was trapped between them, held to the doctor's chest by one of his.  Swallowing hard, the blonde shut his eyes, and moved to lean into the contact, but it was gone just as quickly as it had come.  He blinked, dumbly, eyes wide and full of question.

" U - Uhm ... ... "

" Here. "  Emmerich had pulled off the glove that had been on the hand he had grabbed -- /when/? -- and was now offering it, and his hat, back to him.  His eyes avoided meeting the other's, but his lips were turned up in a very small smile.  " ... You should take zhe ozher one off, too, " he said after a moment of silence.  " Do not vant you catching cold. "  He nodded, then stepped to the side, but was stopped in his tracks by a hand on his shoulder.  He turned his head to inquire, getting a peck as an answer.  He blinked, and opened his mouth, but Scout was already on his way up the stairs, head ducked as he tried to get out of his wet clothes.  " ... ... Mm.  Danke schon, Mausi ... "  He gave a quiet laugh, then turned away, trodding to the kitchen, spirits lifted.
something i wrote for a super cool friend. o 3o expect to see more TF2, cause now it's all i'm able to think about. goddamnit, nef.

anyway, basis for this: emmerich - medic - was dating markov - heavy - and for whatever reason, they had a falling out. em is still upset about it, slightly, but as we see here, scout makes him feel all better.

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